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Title: Eurofurence Charity
Post by: Cheetah on 10.07.2008, 18:03:50
Eurofurence proudly presents this years official Charity:

The National Fox Welfare Society

The NFWS, based in the United Kingdom, is committed to the rescue of wild foxes that are seriously ill or injured. Just in the period from January to July 2008, the organisation rescued 171 orphaned fox cubs, and helped cure 1908 foxes from the sarcoptic mange, a terrible condition that, untreated, would cause them to die a long lingering death. Statistically, the NFWS has been saving of 13 foxes a day, every day in 2008.

The NFWS endeavours to get a rescuer out to a critically injured fox within an hour, thus ensuring that a needy fox is given the urgent attention that it deserves. By supporting the National Fox Welfare Society, we want to help ensure a sick fox is treated, an injured fox rescued, an orphaned fox cub successfully rehabilitated back into the wild, and help them maintain their reputation as "The Fox's First Emergency Service".

For more information, check out their webpage at

If you want to donate items for the charity auction, please contact