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Title: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: Thygrrr on 31.08.2008, 21:35:29
Hi Folks,

this is the official round-up thread for the Video Game Developers Roundtable; basically the "who were all these people, and what was left to say?" thread.

I counted 35 Furs sitting or standing in the SIG room, which exceeded even my 'best case' attendance estimates by 15%. Whee! Thanks to all of you for taking the time at the con and making the Roundtable a success.

Well, this is me:
Moritz Voss, aka: Thygrrr
I develop Mobile Games for GmbH ( in Giebelstadt, Germany. You can find my business credentials in my networking profile (, and you can contact me privately via email at or via ICQ UIN 32366353. :)

Title: Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: Liam on 01.09.2008, 10:08:32
Hi there,

I'm Marc Appelsmeier (aka: Liam)
Currently I'm on an internship at Trinigy and you can find me in linkedin  ;)

Contact via ICQ is also possible via 147058937

See you ^^
Title: Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: lazyfox on 03.09.2008, 11:31:41

My name is Wendel Schaatsbergen and I'm currently working as a freelancer on projects that use Trinigy's Vision engine.

I'm on LinkedIn and on messengers MSN ( and ICQ (18944015).

Title: Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: CodeCat on 03.09.2008, 14:14:12
(removed) aka CodeCat, coding and programming fanatic, somewhat experienced, worked on a few game mods in the past. Currently involved with Sigma Invasion, which is a mod-turned-indie-game still in an early-ish development stage.

MSN and email:
AIM and Yahoo: codecat42
Title: Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: Zion on 03.09.2008, 23:34:34
Although i wasn't there (sleeping >.<)....

I'm Zion, and i'm currently a freelance 3D graphics artist working with BlueHell Productions ( and Apocalypse Rising (

My main area is building exteriors and interiors, unwrapping, texturing, and implimentation.

Feel free to contact me or visit either websites. ^^

Title: Re: Video Game Developer Roundtable Roundup
Post by: Sirana J. Helena on 04.09.2008, 21:12:01
Hello (again),

I'm Susanne (Sirana J. Helena) and I was there to get deeper information about the work in this industry. From the 1st of octobre 2008 I'll study "game design" on a private german school in Berlin, the "Mediadesign Hochschule", short: "MD.H". (Maybe the german furs may know it).
The most interesting parts for me were the parts of the authors and artists. Until EF. After I heard that these may be the most unthankful jobs in the game industry I was/am a little scared of them.

There will be other jobs to do there and I just don't know the majority yet. I can't speak Pascal, C, C++, Klingon etc fluently yet just because I had no real possibility to learn it. The lessons I had in high school were a little bit weird because of our teacher who knew much more about informatics than teaching this to his students. To keep it short: We didn't learn nothing helpful and because of other subjects I had no time to teach it myself.
But programming, creating maps and other more technical stuff still sounds interesting for me and maybe I will become a real geek in my time in Berlin. Who knows.. :)