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Title: Lost and Found
Post by: Cheetah on 21.09.2008, 18:27:09
Hi everyone!

This is a complete list of all lost items that were brought to the hotel front desk. If one of these items belongs to you, please let us know. If you are missing an item and it is not on this page it means that it was either not found, or the finder did not report to the hotel front desk. In this case I'm afraid you're out of luck. Please do not respond in this thread unless you are the owner of one of the depicted items. Unrelated postings in this thread will be deleted immediately. Thank you for your consideration :)

- The Chairman

1 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
4 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
7 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
10 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
13 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
16 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
19 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
22 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
25 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
28 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
31 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
34 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
37 ->( ( ->( ( ->( (
40 ->( (

Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Aquilus on 21.09.2008, 20:46:36
34 is mine (and it's even got my name on it!)
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Yeno on 21.09.2008, 21:52:19
I noticed the owner of #40.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Nikoshi on 21.09.2008, 21:53:07
Nr. 25... It may not be mine but I do know who it's from... It's from Okill...

Edit: If possible, could you give it to BBF if he goes to Timduru the 31ste? Okill's going to be there as wel.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Fairlight on 22.09.2008, 11:07:12
#3 and #4 are identical? ^.^
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: CodeCat on 22.09.2008, 12:22:56
They just lost that one twice.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: WhiteShadowFox on 22.09.2008, 13:36:27
Owner of nr 28 reporting in.

But i think that you can trow it in the trash can since the glasses where only a few euro's and shipping them will proberbly cost more than they are worth. (I already bought new onces btw)

Thanks to the person who brought it to the hotel front desk i indeed lost them and don't know where i lost them.
Thanks Cheetah for reporting this.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Mystifur on 22.09.2008, 14:26:52
#19 is mine

will add photos of #41 (fursuit paw, black and white) and #42 (rubber pawpad) soon.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Dragony on 23.09.2008, 09:28:27
I asked Silber yesterday about his badge [#31]- He didn't want it back, so you can throw it away.

(If you don't believe me, I send you the PM's)  ;)
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Mandewo on 25.09.2008, 19:56:08
Hello is that on the Pic. 21 a JackWolfskin Shirt?
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Nekotorisha on 25.09.2008, 23:25:11
#nr 20 is mine. but i'll pick it up next year *chuckles*

in the meantime you can use it if your feeling hot

Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Kisu on 27.09.2008, 09:11:31
#17 looks just like what Willikki had with him.
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Shoelace on 27.09.2008, 22:23:16
#38, badly drawn Lone Ferret badge is mine.

I lost it on the dancefloor on saturday night and never thought it would be found. You guys keep going beyond my expectations so hard it hurts.
Is there any way I could get it back ? Otherwise, I guess I can just pick it up at EF next year...
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: draconigen on 28.09.2008, 02:20:41
#6 looks like it has my sticker on. Thanks to the who-ever-found-it for bringing it back, and to the staff for keeping it save. :}
How does the Lost+Found process continue? Or are the found items kept until next EF?
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Tony on 28.09.2008, 21:39:20
Is number 3 (or 4) made by Leosco? I lost the suspiciously same looking small cat plushie in the evening of 27 -.- (without the neck kerchief really).
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: aatheus on 18.12.2008, 01:07:36
What size is #13? If it's a Large or XL, it *might* be mine. I've been missing a jacket since EF...
Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: kiffy on 28.01.2009, 18:36:29
lol only just saw this... guess its a lil late but #2 was mine X3
Title: I GOT IT! :D
Post by: Riffuchs on 05.04.2009, 13:06:09
Hi everyone!

By now, I'm also responsible for "Lost and Found". So, now you're going to get your items back :)

So, here's how it works
If you have already identified and piped up for you item in this thread, I will contact you.
If you did contact Cheetah about it directly (without using this thread) , NOW contact me about.
I also will try to contact those people that haven't piped up but I have items from.
I've a full-timejob. So shipping may take several days.

Shipping fees
Shipping fees are depending on the size and the weight.
National: 3,90EUR up to 2,0Kg
National: 6,90 Up to 10Kg
International: 13,90 EUR up to 2Kg*
International: 35,00 EUR up to 10Kg*
Documents, Badges and small items can be shipped national as a large letter (up to 500Gr. = 2,50 EUR)
*) Shipping to Nations/States within the EU and USA.

If your items is a  small one (Badge, Sunglas, etc), i'm willed to bring it along to the next MMC or EF. At MMC you have to look for me. At EF you can fetch it from the ConOps Office.

You have to pay :)
You can do that via Paypal (you pay the transfer fees) or via Banc Account (IBAN/BIC)

There is NO warranty.
I will note you when your items is shipped.
It would be nice to get a small note when it has arrived.
I know how long internatinal shipping takes (usually not more than 14 days).
So, if I get no response, I will automatically note the item as delivered 4 weeks after the day of shipping.
I always keep the shipping voucher. When something went lost or is damaged, it is not my fault. Please don't start to blame me for it. I will not pay for it in any way.

Questions, anyone? :)

Title: Re: Lost and Found
Post by: Whitefang on 27.06.2009, 20:00:55
I think the owners of the lost items will gonna get you at the next EF and... hug you tightly for taking such a good care of their things. ;)

P.S. Sorry for a little off-topic. ^^