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Title: SIGs for: Video editing / Pawpet videos?
Post by: Atkelar on 04.02.2009, 00:21:56
Hello everybody!

I'll try to keep this brief and to the point but I feel a bit of explanation is called for, so please keep reading if the subject sounded interesting.

First off, while watching the Funday Pawpet Show I realized that it would be nice to make a few pawpet videos for submission on my own - given the overall quality of some (very few) of the submitted videos was quite low (don't bother asking, I won't point fingers!) and I thought: I should be able to do better!

Now I'm sure everybody working professionally with puppets or video (*glances at BBF*) can provide you with more information than I could but I think I've collected a bit more knowledge than the average hobbyist...

I'm not sure if my pawpet specific infos could fill an entire SIG panel, especially since I've never done live performances but I think it would be a nice chance for people who want to get started in a group and/or exchange experiences... maybe some of the pawpet show cast could join?  ;D

As for the video editing section I thought about general recording/lighting tipps especially when filming with a script - no matter how primitive - rather than "point and shoot"... think of it as a digested form of what professionals learn during film school  ;)

So: anybody out there interested in such a panel? For the con staff: other than the room, the video editing panel would need a projector. With friendly weather, the pawpet event could be held outdoors too.

Since I would have to prepare some stuff and am a busy cat it would be nice to have a bit of time ahead (as in: months!)

To check out what I'm talking about, take a look at my work on YouTube: (
Title: Re: SIGs for: Video editing / Pawpet videos?
Post by: PlushFox on 30.08.2010, 12:42:55
» Hi! «

I think it's too late for a SIG, but I would like to see you at the furdance where we could do something with our pawpets on the main stage, just for fun. There was a tradition to do some dancing and lipsync on the furdances, but that died more and more the last years. It would be nice if there will be more fuzz behind the stage this year.

Please contact me at the con if you want to do some funny pawpet-stuff. I'm the one with the beer-drinking Folkmanis-fox(blue collar with a "I love BEER"-Button on it).
Title: Re: SIGs for: Video editing / Pawpet videos?
Post by: Tsanawo on 30.08.2010, 13:07:56
The OP is dated 2009, I don't know if this is still current.

I somehow doubt it.
Title: Re: SIGs for: Video editing / Pawpet videos?
Post by: Atkelar on 30.08.2010, 13:21:16

even though the post was from last years EF, I am here with the same panels/pawpets.
I will be running around with my pawpet reporter (mini video camera) during the first few hours again most likely.

greeting, Atkelar