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Title: Forum Rules
Post by: Cheetah on 04.03.2009, 23:00:35
Hi everyone!

It seems we're growing beyond the size where common sense still works, so here are the most important forum rules that all users must comply to. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, and add new bullet points only if it seems necessary. This list is subject to change, especially growth. And it is intentionally incomplete. Just because something is not listed here does not mean that it is allowed. Common sense still applies. This is not a general public chat forum. This forum is being run by Eurofurence e.V. for Eurofurence related information interchange. That means moderation will be a lot stricter than you'll see in other general purpose boards.

General Rules

Behaviour & Style


Topics & Section

Thank you for your consideration :)
Title: Re: Forum Rules
Post by: Cheetah on 04.03.2009, 23:10:07
Okay, now that you've read and understood the rules ... I'd like to add that, quite obviously, in reality we will usually try to resolve issues in a polite and discrete way before invoking divine powers. If you act decent and polite, you will be treated equally friendly by us. However, I chose the drastic wording for a reason. I want everybody to be clear about the fact that we absolutely don't have to be nice, if we don't want to. Just like in real life.