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Title: Fursuit Commissions!
Post by: Shadow-Woofie on 06.03.2009, 20:03:49
I am reposting this now ^^

I have lowered the prices of my suits after talking it over with friends and other suit makers. Understand i will not go lower than these prices since i am already now working below minimum wage for both the US ($6.50 i belive) and the UK (£2)! So understand why the prices are what they are!

Prices and Construction time:
Full suit: $1000/€790 - Just over a month  )
Partial Suit: $650/515 - 3 Weeks               }-- Plus Postage and Packaging
Head: $355/€280 - 9 Days                      )

Second Life: Shadow Whippet

Hope to hear from you all!