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Title: Introduction: Sharey Foxroo
Post by: Shadow-Woofie on 19.03.2009, 19:13:07
Apparently something was wrong on my other post so i'm reposting now but with different info o.o lets see if it gets thrown out again o.o

The name is Sharey Foxroo ^^ I'm a Fox and Kangaroo Hybrid :3 I have majority of the shape of of a Roo ^^ Wth big thighs, legs and footpaws, same with the ears, then the fox part is the head, and biiiig floofy tail ^^ I am not like other boys.. wanna knwo more:

I like to Suit, and i love to hang out with friends :3 My hobbies include Fursuiting, Drawing, and playing Magic the Gathering :3 Some people might recognise me as Shadow Woofie, the black Wolf, but after some soul searching, i finally found the real me o.o so I'm proud to say that i am what i am ^^

     Kthxbye ^^

//Happy now people?\\
Title: Re: Introduction: Sharey Foxroo
Post by: Honey on 20.03.2009, 20:14:17
And you havent figured out yet, the reason for your other post being removed might have something to do with all the unnessesary information about your.. Private parts? This is a public forum and tbh i dont think stuff about your body or sexual tendensees belong in a intro thread..

But other than that welcome to the forums and EF.
Title: Re: Introduction: Sharey Foxroo
Post by: gwyndolium on 20.03.2009, 22:37:12
Welcome to the EF forums. I hope you'll have a good time here and at the convention.
We furries never look strange into anything.