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Title: Maximum Number of Places
Post by: Cheetah on 17.05.2009, 22:16:08
Hello everyone!

As of today, the membership count has reached 888 places, and I'm taking this lucky number as an opportunity to announce that we (the board of directors) have decided to limit the total number of attendees. We've already been stretching the capacity of our function space last year, with "only" about 750 members. We're quite confident that we will be able to make efficient use of the resources we have to squeeze even a few more attendees in, but despite our best efforts, we will not be able to change the law of physics. That means:

This years hard limit will be 900 regularly registered attendees.

(We might make exceptions for very important persons, such as staffers family members, or people we have personally invited. So if you see the nosecount go to 901, stay calm, everything is under control.)