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Title: Dealers Setup
Post by: Suran on 31.07.2009, 11:27:02


what is the earliest time on Wednesday that one can realistically
set up in dealers den?
In previous years the announced time for setup was usually way
earlier then the the time when the doors where actually open
and now of cause the dealers den manager has changed.

I guess that dealers with early arrival can't unpack their cars
on tuesday already?
Title: Re: Dealers Setup
Post by: Gyroplast on 31.07.2009, 16:04:37
Alpha_Ki, the on-site Dealer's Den Manager, will likely arrive on tuesday already, and I certainly will. Management will therefore be available. When exactly we'll be able to set up shop (literally) depends on when we get access to the necessary equipment, ie. tables, chairs, power strips and the like, and how long the helpers will need to put those where they belong. This is largely beyond my control.

However, I assume that dealers will be able to begin claiming their respective tables sometime in the early afternoon, possibly (much) earlier. I'll check back with logistics, the Artshow and stage need some love as well. Dealer setup will be possible until at least 22:00 on tuesday in any case, possibly longer.