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Title: Photographers
Post by: Oddball on 04.08.2009, 21:27:38
Hi. I'm new here but I've been hanging around the fringes of furrydom on and off for a while. I am going to EF with a friend who is a bit more 'fur' than me. I am mainly going along as a bit of a break and the furry stuff is just a bonus. I do have a penchant for wearing a tail though hehe. I've been to one big con in London last year and a few furmeets. My main interest is photography and I am continually trying to hone my skills (Or lack thereof).

I know there will be plenty of people taking cameras along both still and video. I'm trying to get a bit more 'serious' with my photography of late. Although I am still an amateur and a lot of my stuff is snapshots. I am still trying to get to grips with things like use of camera settings, composition etc. It's a learning curve.

So I would not mind meeting up with or just generally chatting about what others are up to on the photography front. I am guessing there will be an 'official' furry photographer at the event. But I'd prefer to get to know more people than that with an interest other than just carrying a compact and leaving everything on auto ;)

I hope to be able to get some nice landscape and nature shots whilst there. As well as some good furry fun stuff of course :)

Ay others out there into polishing their lenses (DurrHurr)?
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Nightfox on 04.08.2009, 21:38:00
Just a tip

If you want to spontaneously meet other people who are interested in photography just use our blackboard, its located at the main entrance.
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Fawks Beaumont on 05.08.2009, 10:23:49
There is also the possibility of finding a SIG (similar interest group) during the con about photography.  Although, I'm not sure there is one this year.  If you'd like to hold a roundtable, basically an open-forum discussion about everything in photography, try contacting Riffuchs ( as see about setting one up.  If would be a good chance to meet both amateur and professional photographer. 

It might be too late for that, but it's at least worth a shot as I know there quite a few photographers in the fandom.  And, as Nightfox said, there will be a message board in the lobby that is open for anyone to post public meeting places.
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Tekumseh on 05.08.2009, 17:13:51
Actually there was only one SIG about photography until now (that I am aware of) and I'm not going to host one again soon (I don't know about Batian though - we did it together on EF13). Still it would be nice to have a SIG or roundtable again to get new ideas how to abuse those 1.5 kg of equipment...
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Riffuchs on 06.08.2009, 21:00:14
There is no Photographer Panel yet. But feel free to change it and add one :)

But you have to be fast. Deadline's ahead. So send me a note at
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Oddball on 17.08.2009, 03:20:21
That's OK I did not want to go that far. ;) I'll probably just prod/poke a few furs who have SLR's on them at the event.
Title: Re: Photographers
Post by: Tigger on 24.08.2009, 06:20:36
Hey Oddball,

I'll be turning up with the new toy that made it's first debut at the last LF meet. Feel free to corner me if you want to chew the fat and compare lenses ;-)