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Title: YiffyToys accepting orders for pickup again
Post by: Suran on 17.08.2009, 12:48:23
As this option seems to be used rather seldomly compared to other conventions
I'd like to remind people that just like with any other convention we are on

YiffyToys ( allows orders to be made before the convention for personal
pickup at our table in Dealers Den.

* no "out of stock" because others grabbed the last of that one toy you wanted
* no issues with toys that we offer but did not bring to the con-site
* payment on site in cash or in advance via credit-card, paypal, ....

* Just order in the shop but select "free personal pickup" as the delivery-option
* State in the comment-field that "Eurofurence" is the convention you'd like just
   as the popup asks you to.

Make sure to check out the new items section (! Before the convention some interesting new toys will pop up there!

See: last year (,1091.0.html)