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Title: Anthrotomne - Furry holidays in France
Post by: Habaxin on 18.08.2009, 23:39:30
Hi there!

I'm Habaxin, from Francefurs ( From October 24 to October 31 2009 are planned furry holidays in south of France called Anthrotomne (, in a medieval village, near Montpellier / Marseille (we have cars, carpool is possible freely). If some of you are interrested, feel free to ask me some informations at EF!

Several gîtes are ranted for AT2. The main:

To recognize me at EF: (,CorneilG_20090426_Marly_470.JPG)

4/22 tickets are still available =) More informations at EF ;)
Main langage of AT is French, but we'll enjoy to speak english with international furs. But I advise to know some words of french. It could be fun!
The official website of Anthrotomne ( is under construction.

See you soon,
I hope not to be in the wrong forum. If I am, feel free to move this thread!