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Title: I am sorry
Post by: Grovajl on 25.08.2009, 21:13:03
My cat destroyed my fursuit paws (had them on my wardrobe and she managed to get there somehow) and I cannot make new ones just in 7 hours with no materials so I will not use my suit because of that. It makes me feel really angry and sad. I wanted to enjoy the EF with my suit but nevermind I will try to enjoy it without.
Title: Re: I am sorry
Post by: Onkel Kage on 26.08.2009, 15:20:53
I think you should bring it anyway.  There may be materials and time at the convention that will allow you to rebuild the paws.
Title: Re: I am sorry
Post by: Aurelia on 31.08.2009, 16:01:29
Bit of a late reply (but thought I'd add something in case the same happened to anyone else next year), we had 4 people in our room and 2 of them were finishing off fur suits upon arriving at the con.  One had a LOT more to do than the other but the point I wanted to make was just reiterating Onkel Kage really - there would be time to either fix up, or craft new paws so that you can wear the suit you love :)

If needed, there would always be a bunch of furs around willing to pitch in and get them done really quickly I'm sure! the rest of us did to help the roommates :D