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Title: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: ysegrim on 31.08.2009, 20:07:00
Online at "Freies Wort", the local newspaper at Suhl:,1023802

(I am planning to add a translation later tonight)
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Pony on 04.09.2009, 08:13:04
...How is that translation going? ;)
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Dhary Montecore on 04.09.2009, 11:55:24
"110 Arabien Nights"

Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: bastian on 06.09.2009, 06:44:47
This is what Babel fish gave me....

Multicolored excitement of marvelous natures
Over 900 friends of the animals with human courses on the ring mountain. Their Benefiz project is the Suhler Tierpark.
Of Heike Hüchtemann

Suhl - you saunter again rudelweise by the city
ike-eurofurence27_290809Picture increase
These days should not one be surprised, if meet humans in animal costumes. On the ring mountain largest meeting of the fans of animals with human courses still takes place until Sunday of Europe. Photo:
and populate the ring mountain - the Furry fans with and without Plüschschwanz, with costumes, dull ski towards ears… and them must let themselves be asked again and again, what them to actually make there. They celebrate the largest meeting, which gives it at all in Europe. It, which is over 900 artists and fans of anthropomorphic animal shapes, which so much wants to be called that the predominantly young people are occupied with animals, to which human characteristics are awarded and which for example in fables to appear. And they do that on many artistic levels. With designs, Cartoons, Comics, in stories and music, in the theatre or doll play and evenly also with the carrying of costumes, which outward the most spectacular representational form is undoubted.

“the USA with the fan meetings began 1990 with 69 people”, say Jörg Reuter, speaker of the Eurofurence registered association in Germany - here it gives about 5000 Furry fans - found one that cool and followed. And the meetings enjoy of ever larger popularity. “In this year we were written off within four hours. Genuinly the insanity”, says Dirk long.

From 32 countries is the Furries (note D. Talk.: in fur dresses) traveled. Most come from Germany, Great Britain, which is the USA, from Holland and from France, in all occupational groups represents, are more or less well betucht. The meeting of this year stands for Jörg Reuter under the slogan “110 Arabia Nights” and that a proper explosion at creativity produced, so. Which miracles that now also the desert fox boom celebrates - with the draughtsmen, the animated film doers or the costume carriers.

For the last time in Suhl?

Artists and fans, who can communicate otherwise only via Internet with one another, become acquainted with themselves, set themselves together in scene, “so that one sudden acquaintance in the whole world have”, are Dirk long by the meeting just as enthusiastically as from the conditions, which to them the ring mountain hotel offers, in that the Furries now already to third time to hundreds logieren. “The hotel, the layer, which crew - we are completely enthusiastic,” praises Jörg Reuter, pushes however after that this will be probably the last meeting on the ring mountain. “We became simply too large and have meanwhile so many fans, whom we do not want to leave on the waiting list versauern, so that we must look for each other a still larger house.”

Hotel boss Wolfgang F. Kanig is whether these prospects somewhat betrübt, but relatively surely that they will come back sometime. Because it and its team adjust themselves completely to the illustre troop. “Our coworkers drive this week hard layers.” The catering trade concept was completely changed over - the XXL Burger runs super, nearly a ton of Pomme of frites was ordered… But the fans of the animals with human characteristics, how they appear also in Comicfiguren such as nose Bunny or Micky mouse, will not say good-bye to Suhl, without doing a good work. As is the case for everyone their meetings start they also in this year a Charity project. And is called: The game Animal park OF Suhl - the Suhler Tierpark.

And in addition occurs to the many creative heads more to run around than with a donation can which the people in the quaint costumes certainly also do and for each klimpernden euro a Freudentänzchen full-led applaud or into the Pranken. Over an art auction money is to come into the cash and also the pool party of yesterday apart from the large fun factor 500 euros had brought in. Besides today, starting from 14 o'clock of eight costume carriers in the Tierpark on the way to be, “with those visitors against a donation to be photographed be able can”, places Marion Fischer, responsibly for the Charity projects, in prospect. Against 16.30 o'clock is to give it a parade of the pelzigen guests. “We visited the Tierpark in the last two years - the coworkers are unbelievably productive. If one sees, what changed and knows everything that is to be still more kind-fairly converted, but however hardly money actual errs there. That convinced us, therefore we help, thereby here further which go.” If that is not an indication for it that the Furries comes nevertheless again to Suhl…
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Stripe Kazama on 06.09.2009, 11:44:24
Then again... since when is Babelfish betrusted :D?
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Fairlight on 06.09.2009, 12:13:38
Ok, I'll do a proper translation:

Wild turbulence of fairytale creatures

More than 900 friends of human-traited animals on the Ringberg. Their charity project is the Zoo of Suhl.

Written by Heike Hüchtemann.

SUHL - They roam through the city in packs and inhabit the Ringberg - Furry fans, with and without fake fur tail, with costumes, fluffy ears ... and over and over again they have to endure being asked what it actually is they are doing. They celebrate the largest meeting that exists in europe. "They", that is more than 900 artists and fans of anthropomorphic animals, which means that the mostly young people like animals, which have human trains, like in fables. And they do that on many cultural levels: with drawings, cartoons, comics, in stories and music, in theatric play or puppetry and, also, by wearing animal costumes, which is, to the public, the most spectacular form.

"It started 1990 in the USA with fan meetings of 69 people", says Jörg Reuter, speaker for the Eurofurence e.V. In germany - we have about 5000 furry fans - we liked that and started their own meetings. And those enjoy an every growing popularity. "This year we were booked out within 4 hours. Crazy Madness!", says Dirk Lang.

The Furries (meaning wearing-fur) traveled in from 32 different countries. Most of them are from germany, the UK, USA, the Netherlands and France. They represent  all kinds of professions, some are more wealthy, some are less. This year's meeting has the theme "110 Arabian Nights" and that has started an explosion of creativity, says Jörg Reuter. No wonder that the fennec enjoys huge popularity  with the artists, the animation movie creators and the costumers.

Last time in Suhl?

Artists and Fans that otherwise only communicate via the Internet get to know each other, work together "so that you suddenly have friends all over the world", says Dirk Lang, who is as enthusiastic about the meeting as he is about the conditions that the Ringberg Hotel is offering them, in which hundrets of furs reside for the 3rd time in a row now. "The Hotel, the surroundings, the crew - we are completely thrilled," Jörg Reuter praises the Hotel, but also says that this will be the last meeting on the Ringberg. "We have become too large and meanwhile have so many fans that we don't want to leave hanging on waiting lists, so we will have to find an even bigger venue."

The head of the Ringberg Hotel, Wolfgang F. Kanig is a bit sad about this, but pretty sure that they will come back, sometime, because he and his team completely adjust to the illustrious group. "Our employees work hard shifts this week." The food concept has been completely changed - the XXL-Burgers sell nicely, almost a ton of french fries have been ordered... but the fans of human-traited animals, like you would find on Bugs Bunny and Micky Mouse, will not depart from Suhl without doing a good deed. Like with all their previous meetings, they have a charity project this year, and it's called The Wild Animal Park of Suhl - The Suhl Zoo.

On that topic, the creative minds have more ideas than to just walk around with a donation box (which is, of cause, also done by the people in the cute costumes which do a little happy dance or clap their paws for every euro). Via an art auction they plan to raise money and a pool party raised 500 Euros in addition to it beeing the fun event it was. In addition to that, customers will be afoot in the zoo starting 2pm today. "Visitors can have their picture taken with them for a small donation." says Marion Fischer, responsible for the charity projects. At approximately 4:30pm there is a parade of the furry guests planned. "We have visited the zoo in the last 2 years - the employees there are incredibly productive. If you see what has changed and if you know that even more is planned to be remade to be more species-appropriate, but then there's almost no money... it's insane. That convinced us, that's why we help making progress here." Well, if that's no hint that the furs will return to Suhl ...
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Sniff on 06.09.2009, 12:44:39
Alot better then the stupid babelfish. Hugz Fairlight :)
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Fairlight on 06.09.2009, 12:57:06
You're welcome ^.^
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Sniff on 06.09.2009, 23:28:09
Well i do understand German, but some don't and i am happy for them to have a good translation. ;)
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: Pony on 07.09.2009, 07:58:31
Apart from a few minor errors here and there it's absolutely perfect and marvelously well done! Thank you Fair! Great job!  ;D
Title: Re: Press coverage of EF15
Post by: bastian on 08.09.2009, 04:34:03
Alot better then the stupid babelfish. Hugz Fairlight :)

Well, you know us yankees, if it's there is no challenge, it's no fun! :P