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Title: *runs in being chased by Syruss*
Post by: Kathryn Draconna on 18.02.2007, 04:24:52
Hello, all!  I'm Kathryn Draconna *points at the nifty name tag jigger on my post*  Now, I'm here because my man Syruss lurks here and occationally posts.  But since he gave me a link to this forum to show me something, I have decided to join and make him be all sociable and such.  *nods and hopes he doesn't catch me just yet*  So feel free to bug the heck out of my cute ickle Fox-dragon hybrid.  Oh, yeah, I'm not precisely a Furry myself, but you can call me the Cougar-Dragon, if you like.  *dashes out again before Sy can catch me posting*