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Title: Missing Tool
Post by: o'wolf on 10.09.2009, 00:12:49
No, this does not belong to the Lost & Found thread, as it addresses a specific group of people: the folks tearing down the main stage. Technically speaking I didn't lose it, either.

I'm missing my red, semi-transparent Knipex pair of universal pliers ("Kombizange"). It was already borrowed from me without asking when I found it on the floor in the ballroom on Sunday. As I do not take offense if someone borrows tools from me as long as they bring it back afterwards, I placed it on the half-round table that was standing near the windows next to the entrance of the backstage room, just before the feedback session. After I came back from the session, the pliers were gone.

Please, can everyone who was working there at that time have a short look if it ended up between their tools or in one of their pants pockets?

And for the future, is it too much to ask to bring back tools to from where you got them?