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Title: Mixing and DJing
Post by: nifela on 31.08.2009, 17:17:16
Just out of curiosity, where do you guys get your music from (especially unmixed dj-friendly tracks)?
So far I know about: (digital downloads) (CD/Vinyl) (CD/Vinyl only?) (digital downloads) (CD/Vinyl only?) (CD/Vinyl/digital?) (CD/Vinyl, digital download "soon") or whichever you prefer ;)

Also, can anyone recommend any must-have electronic or hardcore tracks?
Title: Mixing and DJing
Post by: djem on 01.09.2009, 09:17:36
For me the best : (

Lot of track, good quality for good price ;)
Title: Mixing and DJing
Post by: nifela on 18.09.2009, 02:50:10
Anyone else having wet dreams about the Pioneer CDJ 2000? That beast is basically everything I've been waiting for (except for the price) :)
Title: Mixing and DJing
Post by: djem on 18.09.2009, 09:15:17
Well, they looks really cool, but 1800euros for a CD player is a lot, but for the people how have buy some cdj 1000mk3, I'm shure they will spend 1000euros more for a pair of cdj 2000.
Title: Re: Mixing and DJing
Post by: nifela on 18.09.2009, 17:50:31
The price is pretty much what is keeping me at software mixing at the moment (aside from the space which I just don't have yet). I don't know if the CDJ 2000 is really worth that much, there isn't that much real innovation in there and some features seem a little bit tagged on.

I still like the CDJ 400 or 1000 mk3 for their mp3 support and latter for the hot cue support but things like a high resolution display of the waveform or good navigation through the tracks (even burning just a few tracks on a CD will cause an overhead because you'll search for the next CD to play a track from - kinda what it must have been with vinyl) and track preview are what keeps me at MIDI controlled software - even though I can't really set multiple cue points for now.

Perhaps we can get the other people that visited this panel to post their thoughts and how they mix etc.
Just because EF is over doesn't mean we can't exchange information :)
Title: Re: Mixing and DJing
Post by: nifela on 30.09.2009, 16:19:36
I've always wondered what the pros and cons of vinyl are. I know that vinyl isn't exactly cheap and that you'd have to carry a lot of stuff around but then again you are just one step closer to the actual music and have at least one layer of (digital) abstraction between you and the sound less.

So what are the things that you can do with vinyl but can't do with CD or digital decks (except scratching)?