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Title: US conventions
Post by: Kamuniak on 19.09.2009, 01:42:33
If furry from Europe would like to visit just one US furry convention, which one would be best one to go? Anthrocon might be interesting since it is largest, but I don't know, 3500+ furries is getting scary ;)

There's no way to measure best of course, so I guess what I'm trying to ask is people's experiences. If someone here have visited (multiple) US cons, how did you like them?
Title: Re: US conventions
Post by: Stripe Kazama on 19.09.2009, 10:47:46
I may not have been to any U.S furcon, and probably never will because Eurofurence is the best. :D
Title: Re: US conventions
Post by: Whitefang on 19.09.2009, 11:48:44
My friends, TiGWolf and Jaeger, were on many US furry cons and they told me that they think EF is the best. That's why they keep coming back to EF every year, even though it's the most expensive con for them. Besides, from what I've noticed the number of US furs coming to EF is increasing each year. Just take a look at some stats:
2007 ->,673.msg6209.html#msg6209
2008 ->,1233.msg11402.html#msg11402
2009 ->,2050.msg18152.html#msg18152
I think this speaks for itself. ^^
Title: Re: US conventions
Post by: Vixie on 26.09.2009, 13:02:18
I'm not from Europe, but I have been to many US cons, and can offer my opinion. My personal favorite con is Further Confusion. It has a nice balance of performance, art, and various other things going on that make it worth the trip for me. It is the most expensive con for me to go to every year, yet I feel it is well worth it.

My second favorite would have to be Midwest Furfest. Like FC, they do a nice job with performance, and also attract good artists. Both cons are large, but but large enough to be overwhelming.

That being said, my preference in cons is performance, I am a puppeteer and fursuiter, and I think those two cons offer the most opportunities to perform and to run panels.

Finally, I will be attending my first EF in 2010, and I am very much looking forward to it. I have hear nothing but good about it, as in 2010 I will not be going to any US cons, only EF.

Title: Re: US conventions
Post by: Kamuniak on 26.09.2009, 21:05:21
I have no doubt whatsoever that EF wouldn't be the best ;) I can't say that myself of course since I have nothing where to compare. But I've heard so many people saying that.

Still, thanks to Vixie and few others who answered via im. Its nice to hear people's experiences, conventions are different anyway. I can make my own decision then, based on these, if/when/which US convention I could visit.

(don't mind at all to get more messages here :))