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Title: EF 16 main stage and short persons
Post by: nifela on 14.02.2010, 02:08:35
..or rather tall persons sitting in front of short ones.

During my past experiences with heavily attended main stage events like the pawpet show, I noticed one thing: being small sucks because I got to see more of the head from the persons in front of me than of the stage.
I can only imagine that this problem will increase this year and I'd like to ask if there is anything that could be done to help us shorter people to at least see what's going on - for example if it would be a problem when I bring a seat cushion with me (I'm 1.63m "tall" - most likely a little bit shorter now).

Trying to get to the main stage early (several hours before the event starts) isn't much of an option since I haven't had any good experience with the people around me - they simply push me to the side or floor and ignore me standing, walking or even lying somewhere. Yes, that's an actual experience from EF.

This post might seem a little bit whiny but this is something that has been a constant problem for me during the past few years and kept me from really enjoying the pawpet show in particular.
So please, respect this little husky  :(
Title: Re: EF 16 main stage and short persons
Post by: Nightfox on 14.02.2010, 02:55:28
The new main stage is a build in theather stage which is pretty high.
So that problem should be solved for this year.