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Title: Offering 35 Key Chain Templates - CLOSED
Post by: BHO on 06.08.2010, 18:46:33
Hey there!

Since I won't be able to accept badge commissions before EF this year, I wanted to offer something small to "make up" for it.

So I am offering 35 key chain templates.


And those are your options:

4€ for a premade/ already existing template (copyrighted characters excluded)
5€ for recolouring an existing template
6€ for recolouring and modifying the lineart of an existing template (adding horns, assecoires, altering the face etc.)
7€ creating an entire new template (I do reserve the right to re-use the lineart of those for later templates!! Of course _your_ character will remain yours.)

How will this work?

Well, I will collect orders for a week (maybe less if they book out early) and than I will work on them next weekend. Payment will be at the con side. Please be considerate and come fetching your key chain the first day in the dealers den. I should have a table there so I shouldn't be hard to find. If you fail me your template will be offered for regular sale. ;p

For the time being there will be a limit of two templates per person. If you want more than that, please mention it and if they don't book out by next Friday I'll come back to you about this.

I think, this is it. ^^


Nahima *2


Kuse Lemox
Andraste *3

Shadster *2
German Dragon
Title: Re: Offering 35 Key Chain Templates - CLOSED
Post by: BHO on 15.08.2010, 14:21:34

This is the bunch of finished commissions plus a few new templates. The chance to order personified chibis hereby expires. There is a chance though to order premade chibis for as long as I have empty key chain shells left. They are 5€ each and come _only_ in the colours mentioned.

The list of available chibis is as follows:

# Sheep, Goat, Mufflon
# Rat (Albino, Siam, black hooded)
# Wolf (regular, brown, grey, white)
# Jackalope, Rabbit Floppy, Rabbit Tan
# Dragon (orange, lilac, turqoise)
# Fox (silver, red, cross)
# Pinto, Unicorn, Fjord, Pegasus
# Gryphon
# Tiger (regular, Tabby, white)
# Lion, Lioness
# Ferret, Otter, European Badger, Skunk
# dancing Dragon (green)
# Northern Sergal (dark grey) <-- extra fee
# Golden Jackal
# Snow Leopard
# Husky (dark grey, red)
# Doberman, cut (cut black, brown), Doberman uncut (black) might also work as a Rottweiler
# Axolotl

Following chibis are excluded from sales: personal characters, Amaterasu, Cringer, Robot Unicorn

Here is a photo of some pre made chibis. :)  -->  (
They are about 5cm high.