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Title: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: TiGWolf on 06.09.2010, 17:01:59
As promised in an earlier post...

Title: Re: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: Rusty Fox on 07.09.2010, 10:56:04
Good idea.  :)
I want to use a small cam too, next year... this time there was no place for it on my fursuit.. :]
Title: Re: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: CleanerWolf on 08.09.2010, 01:17:40
Very cool idea and it seems to work well :)

I just want to say something about this closed thread...,2625.0.html
... shouldn't be too OT here.

I also noticed the large amount of cams and as a camerawolf myself I feel that I have to comment on this.
I can understand, that some people are bothered about too many people running around with cameras, sometimes one could get the feeling, that there were more cameras than fursuiters. As being member of the official EF video team I felt, that it was my job to capture as much impressions of the con as possible. I apologize for being too intrusive sometimes. And yes, I had a new toy to play with this year, maybe I exaggerated it a bit. But I always tried not to get in the way of any dancer or to occupy space on an already crowded dancefloor.
On the other hand, most furs are happy to get good videos of the con afterwards, because they help to keep good memories alive and can show other people what makes EF so awesome.
Title: Re: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: Keenora on 13.09.2010, 11:16:50
TiG did the same as me ^^° Just with one little cam was hidden in my muzzle and much smaller ;3 But such a thing is very nice! If the cam is not visible; its possible to see things out of the first person view, which is very useful for public events. Sometimes I just wished to had this cam in my muzzle attacked once, by some random guy...and in that moment I wished to had a picture of him...*grrr*...
Anyway, great job ^^ I think I will use my cam at city outings aswell...just have to improve the position and the control via my paw o.o
But I got some nice movies from EF ^^
Title: Re: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: Furvan on 13.09.2010, 11:31:36
I did such some years ago in a fursuit parade
I put a lill cmos-color cam behind of one suit eye, and had a digital video recorder inna beltbag.
But unfortenatily i only fixx the cam in place inna hurry, so it tilted down after a while,
and ended up as an headless video :(
At the other hand i was finaly not happy with the idea of taping people inna way
that they dont know that thay are taped, so i withdraw further use.


Edit: but the funny idea is prinzipiel nice, to have a real 1th person look, expectially if the cam is placed behind an suit eye.
Result funny video if you are standing in front of a mirrow ^^
Title: Re: Crash Cam Fursuit Dance Test Vid
Post by: Keenora on 13.09.2010, 11:38:00
Well, for the recording, I can put a SD Card, up to 16GB in it, so no problem.
The thing of recording ppl, well...what about Spotters on public events, who taking pictures and recording videos all the time. I've never heared, that they ask everyone for that. I know, the german laws are strict with it...they HAVE to ask, if there isn't a group with more than 5 ppl. But if its on a public event, or a convention, everyone is taking pictures/, I think its ok. Otherwise they would mention it (At least to the spotters, so I wouldn't use that material anyway).
Just btw. I never used that material yet. Because of my chaotic jumping around, there are only a few good scenes ^^° I also like that for some memories. As I said, the thing with that attacker...he tried to pull my ear off and it was painful >.< I so wish I would have had a picture of him...