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Title: EF16 was fine
Post by: Furvan on 07.09.2010, 11:10:30
Only less words...

The Hotel was cozy, against my lill fear after the visit bevor EF ^.^

Fursuit Lounge: Very much thank to all the complete voluntary furs wich helped to hammer and tape the racks and pipes together.
You did so a great job!! *biggrouphugs* =^.^=
*hugs Mystifur* Thx for organizing  ;) Thx also for cool the Fursuit Parade! I was so wrong sceptical about the weather ;P

FursuitGameShow Team: Was great again at our 5th anniversary!!! Its so much fun with all of you ^^ *starts thinking about new games* :D

Stage Feaver Team: As long you need a Suiterheader, i will be available ever ^.^ (special extra hug for owolf :)  *still thoughfull about an own skit*

PawPetShow Team: It was realy amazing and quite astonish seeing how you all did your job, also from backstage view. o.o   =^.^=
I was realy happy to be able help in, bevor and while the show, by doing lill things here and there :)  I am ready and prepared :]

Kittfoxx: It was great to meet you again now in germany, and that you endure my technobable *hugs* ;)
The panels was so great, and still i finaly got the time to just talk a lill with you :)
Looking forward to see you next con somewhere ^^

Tioh: I am so thankfull that you helped while the preliminary FSGS Games, while i hided me in suit while TV Kameras around ;) *hugs*


PS: Looking forward for EF17