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Title: EF16 Pawpet Show - a request
Post by: Xar on 11.09.2010, 00:23:38
There were a few narration parts during the pawpet show.

I think one of them is actually written inside the conbook, at page 13, "Why the cheetah's cheeks are stained". However, I was interested in finding the other stories too, as they aren't in the conbook.

One which I am especially interested in finding was that one narration about our own age being at risk of not leaving a sign in history, all the data created in this modern digital era being prone to disappear due to errors and failures... "and even if we were able to keep all that ones and zeroes forever, will anyone be able to make any sense out of them?" (I'm not sure of those words, but there was something along that line).

Has anyone got anything to share? :)
Title: Re: EF16 Pawpet Show - a request
Post by: Cheetah on 11.09.2010, 00:30:59
We like to think that we’ll be remembered, and that archaeologists will dig up part of our life, piece it together like the fragments of an ancient Grecian urn and marvel at it. And many of us have considered what the archaeologists (or historians) of the future might think when they look back at our time. The answer to that question is not easy to come by. First we must consider that most archaeological data is really based off of garbage. Our ancestors were messy, and picking through their heaps of trash has taught us a lot about their lifestyles. Only in the ruins of extinct civilizations do we find actual records preserved, like the Sumerian clay tablets, because there was no-one to take care of them, convert them, re-use them or destroy them.

But what do WE leave behind in this digital age? The internet is an incredible repository for data - vast, nearly infinite, limited only by the amount of ones and zeros we can compress into a physical cubic inch. But the information that we create at an insane rate is so ephemeral that it’s lost almost as quickly as it is produced. So, consider the archaeologists of the future as data miners. Digging through blogs and emails caught in the darker recesses of the internet might some day prove to be just the thing to unearth the facts needed to shape the views of historians of our time.

But the data we hold so dear is almost as fragile as the ancient Grecian urn I mentioned in the beginning. When most media start to “forget” files or simply cease to function after ten or more years, the outcome is questionable to say the least. And even if we manage to keep the ones and zeroes alive forever, will anybody be able to make sense of them? There is a very real danger that an entire era of human history might be forgotten. And that would be tragic. Because, a history forgotten, is a future lost.
Title: Re: EF16 Pawpet Show - a request
Post by: Xar on 11.09.2010, 00:32:33
Whoa! That was FAST!

Thankees Cheetah :)
Title: Re: EF16 Pawpet Show - a request
Post by: Cheetah on 11.09.2010, 00:35:17
(This is a variation on a west-african tolk-tale. It's shortened to fit into 2 minutes of narration. And the original is about humans, I changed it into a tale about hyenas ... and reversed the gender roles because of that :) )

Once upon a time, there lived a young hyena couple. For some time now, the wife had not been happy with her marriage. Her man however thought she was the most wonderful woman. But he was unhappy, too. Her dismissive behavior was making him miserable. He went to the village elder, asking for advice. ‘I want my wife to be loving,” rhe said. “I want to be loving. We are both miserable.

'I think I can help you,’ the elder said slowly. ‘I can prepare a secret potion that will change your wife into a loving woman. But I am missing an important ingredient. I need a single whisker taken from a living lion to make the potion work.’”

‘The young hyena’s eyes widened with fear, but then he straightened his shoulders and said, ‘All right. I shall get it for you.’

The next morning, he went to the river, hiding behind a tree. After many hours, a lion came to have a drink. He raised his mighty head. He could smell the hyena was there. But eventually he moved slowly back into the forest and disappeared.

The next day, the hyena came again. And the day after. Then days became weeks. And each time, the hyena moved closer and closer to the lion. One day he silently sat down right next to the lion while he drank. His hand shaking, he reached slowly out, pulled a whisker from his chin and ran away as fast as he could.

The elder was in awe when he heard the your man’s story, and said, ‘You do not need magic to change your wife back into the loving woman she once was. You are brave enough to pull a whisker from the chin of a lion. Can you not use that same patience and courage and wit with your wife?’

The young hyena went home and followed the elder’s advice. Slowly his wife began to look glad to see him again when she returned from the hunt with the other women of the village. And within one year, their life was a happy one.

Title: Re: EF16 Pawpet Show - a request
Post by: Drift on 11.09.2010, 12:38:59
*Awe* Thank you cheetah, I really liked the last one...