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Title: Events for Girls
Post by: Jack on 11.09.2010, 14:10:41
I saw that somewhere and had to chuckle. It's a nice touch, but as far as I saw, about 95% of the attendees were male and a similar proportion seemed to be gay. Perhaps an evening for straight people? :P

Yes, your estimation is almost correct ... it's 90% male and 10% female. Which I think is a pity. It's even a 2% decline from last year. The point was, making EF at least a little bit more attractive for the female population. We really want a higher female attendance. I see no reason why we should be such a male dominated convention.

So, if anyone has any good ideas how to make the con (and the fandom in itself) more attractive to women ... I'm all ears :)

From what i personally see throughout the fur fandom is most females are Artist, Including myself.
Yet im not sure why there are so few.
Although for the fur ball run this year there were plenty more girls than the last year! As we had the lovley pinky, shema, Pickle and shadow sani.

I know the blotch girls are having a few brops waiting on the US.

As fr a little girly get together (pointing out im relay not a girly girl at all) perhaps something artistic would be nice.
For me it i would have to try and not be shy though, for some reson im very worried about acting like a Muppet in front of others. Yet...i think i do it anyways :S Do'h.

silly Ideas for Ladies nights:

Just a thought, probably rubbish but then i'v not had my coffee yet. kinda went for the things i normally go with my girly friends back home in the UK.
Title: Re: Events for Girls
Post by: Sinea on 11.09.2010, 17:27:41
thats a fantastic idea!!!
Had spoken with a few girls from the nl and the usa and they that, let´s do that!
So, I will be glad, if somethin like that happen!
Title: Re: Events for Girls
Post by: Dragony on 12.09.2010, 19:31:24
That is very phantastic idea!
Title: Re: Events for Girls
Post by: Pinky on 13.09.2010, 04:15:54
Hmm maybe we could organise that for next year? Try to attract a few more females? Someone feel free to poke me about ths in ½ year time and I'll see what I can do, or even better, make something yourself.
Title: Re: Events for Girls
Post by: Henrieke on 14.09.2010, 16:28:19
We should make a girl group photo, to prove we exist! XD