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Title: mopedfur meet
Post by: Buddywolf on 09.01.2011, 01:04:21
hello everybody :D

there is already a motorfur meet x3
but why not a moped fur groupmeet ? sounds awsome
everyown is welcome fan or just a rider of alot of types like,

puch, tomos , kreitler , zundapp, sparta vespa etc
even scooter guys are welcome i need to thing were we gona hold it

this is de fa group

if you have ideas or just like to help pm me :D

greetings Buddywolf
Title: Re: mopedfur meet
Post by: Alec on 27.02.2011, 02:14:57
Hehe why not xD I have an 07 Adly Thunderbike by the way, but saving up for a Rieju RS2 Matrix.
Title: Re: mopedfur meet
Post by: Nightfox on 28.02.2011, 23:35:02
Just for your information, we have the motorfurs meet every year.

The motorfurs meet is not just for cars, of course motorcycles are welcome too.
And we always had some people show up with them.

Please keep in mind that we are in the middle of a city, the parking lot we use for the motorfurs meet is rented and we have a official permit from the city of Magdeburg.


I have to deal with that in the end.

If you have any questions left please send me a PM or write me a mail to:

Title: Re: mopedfur meet
Post by: Atalon on 03.08.2011, 12:56:17

I a big Fan of mopeds of old European brand.
Such as Kreidler and Velosolex.

I own 5 Kreidler Florett and Flory , 1x Herkules Campingbike and about 20 Velosolex bikes.
I'm sure I will bring for small driving around Magdeburg one with me - the Camping bike or one Solex.
Depense on space maybe my Flory with LKR (Autobahn)registration.





If someone brings a bike too I'm open for a 2-3 h tour around the area.