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Title: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Kisu on 26.01.2011, 11:34:56
Is Mystifur hosting a stageshow this year aswell and is there already a forum up for it again :)?
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Cheetah on 26.01.2011, 13:55:40
Since there hasn't been any official announcement about this yet, let me just quote what mystifur has said on the internal fursuit team staff board:

The end is near. At least the end of this year is.  ;D So beside wishing everyone a nice christmas holiday and a happy new year, I would like to thank everyone who made StageFever possible during the last years.

Zefiro and o'wolf for having been more than just stagehands through all the years. Furvan and Reesa for helping out backstage. The whole FoH-Team for taking up with all the last minute requests of the suiters. Shay for helping bringing the show to a new level at EF 15 with the story framework and for working out the fursuit theatre. Not to forget Taibu who was this years step-on-suiters-tails-to-get-them-in-line AV coordinator.

In the above discussion, the problems that StageFever was and is suffering have been revealed and a few possible alternatives have been suggested in the usual "one could" or "someone should" way. It comes down this: The show as it is, is merely a better open stage event, with the according public interest (or lack of it). To improve the show and reinstate a 'main stage event' worthy quality, it needs a complete reboot and the concept changed.

I have never lied about the fact that I was always hoping for StageFever to become a cherished main event at Eurofurence that puts fursuiters more into the main focus. However it was the continous will of the participating suiters, that the show should stay open to everyone, with the result of having many mediocre suiters and skits putting a huge workload on the team and myself. The "story framework" of EF15 was about the best work-around to the quality problem, but the skits and coordination workload persist.

As for one, I am lacking the time and creativity to redesign the show myself, and for another, the insight that I am doing too much at EF to actually get to enjoy the convention,
I am stepping down from my position as StageFever director.

I would hate to see the show as a whole die, even if we now have the incredible fursuit theatre to replace it, but despite a great team, it requires a dedicated person to get and keep the suiters going. A dedication that I feel I lost over not being able to further improve the show and doing a couple of other jobs for EF before and during the con.

I encourage anyone who feels enthusiastic enough to step up, pick up the reigns and work out a new concept. Of course I would as well be available as host/moderator/actor for the renewed show, but I guess there are more talented native english speakers out there.

This means, the show is indefninitely on hold.
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Ator on 16.06.2011, 07:36:04
N-No Stage Fever?!

Gosh, and I just wanted to debute on that one this year!..
So sad 'bout that news...
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Ikari on 05.07.2011, 19:39:07
Still no sign of the Stage Fever coming back this year? It'd be a real shame if it didn't
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: o'wolf on 05.07.2011, 20:43:40
Sadly, stage fever is indeed on hiatus. However, we won't leave the stage empty. I have to leave it to the director to disclose the specifics (or not...), but what I can tell you is that we are going to have a different entertaining stage show involving fursuits.
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Ikari on 06.07.2011, 00:08:24
I hope it's something we can join/volunteer for, it's been far too long since I've been able to get on stage
Title: Re: Stage show and EF17
Post by: Cheetah on 06.07.2011, 21:40:51
There won't be a variety show / masquerade style event at EF17. However, if anybody wants to pick up the reins, and run such an event on stage again in 2012, please consider yourself invited!