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Title: Dealer registration is open
Post by: Gyroplast on 16.02.2011, 15:33:58

Since I wasn't feeling entirely well for a long time now, and didnt really get around to finishing and polishing the application system, the opening was delayed by another day. Oh well. I'm sure it's still the 15th of February... somewhere.  ::)


If you'd like to apply for free dealer space, please have your registration login information at hand, and head over to ( and poke the HUGE, RED link to start your dealer registration. This year we'll have an additional room available, too, and I'm not keeping the size of the tables a secret, either. ;)

You may freely edit your application until the deadline runs out on the 15th of May. Then all applications will be frozen, and the available space allocated.

Be gentle with the system. It may have some trouble with strangely encoded nicknames. If you encounter problems, we'll figure something out. Just write an email to, as usual.

Thank you!