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Title: Badges
Post by: Thoxik on 06.03.2011, 22:39:07
I've read a lot about em. Thing is... Idk how they look like and how I could get a fancy pic to be on the badge.. if possible :P
Its prolly explained somewhere, but I can't find it ???
Please help =D
Title: Re: Badges
Post by: draconigen on 06.03.2011, 22:59:40
Unless you intend to have a fursuit, your official badge is not going to contain a custom image. Despite that, the design is kept secret until you receive your badge onsite.
But! Additionally to your official badge, you're free to commission and wear as many custom badges as you want. You'll just have to find an artist who will draw you one.
Title: Re: Badges
Post by: Thoxik on 07.03.2011, 01:09:39
Thanks, I guess I misunderstood some parts of it m(
Might do that custom badge thing just for fun actually :D
Title: Re: Badges
Post by: VulpesRex on 07.03.2011, 10:48:31
Custom Badges are a major part of the income for Furry Artists these days.  While they bring original art for sale in the Art Show, and art-quality prints (usually limited-edition) for sale, they have come to rely on Sketchbook and Badge Art commissions for their "walking around" money at the conventions.  THe custom badges can be commissioned from many artists in advance, for delivery at the convention; see the web-page of your favorite artist for details about that, or check out FurAffinity or whichever favored web archive your favorite artist uses to post new work.

Custom badges are essentially Greeting-style nametags, with your fannish nickname or Game Identity, illustrated.  The badge may be colored and laminated, or colored and given to you unprotected, except for a coat of an artists' "fixative", to keep graphite or pastel or colored pencil from smearing, and then you put it in a badge-holder of some sort.

A couple of tips:  After you receive your badge - and this also applies to Sketches in a sketchbook - it is considered good form to scan the art image, and send the scan back to the artist, so that he or she has a copy for their portfolio.  (If you commission the artist beforehand, this will be done by the artist before they deliver it to you).

If you receive the badge art and it is "raw" or unprotected, you may wish to copy it, and put the copy in your badgeholder, and keep the original in a safe place;  That way you can easily make another, if the one you wear gets lost or trashed in some accident.

As mentioned above - the custom badge is a friendly ID tag, to let other Furry Fans know who you are.  The OFFICIAL EuroFurence Badge is your convention "Credential", and is necessary to access the programming at the convention - and last year, it doubled as your hotel room key, too!
Title: Re: Badges
Post by: Zefiro on 07.03.2011, 13:12:07
Your misunderstanding might be based on badges from several years back: for smaller conventions the badge was usually a printed piece of paper which had a special area where you could have your avatar printed or drawn in by an artist at the con - though for identification and legal reasons, the rest of the badge must not be modified (it usually shows your nick, your rl-name and your reg-number, sometimes a country or room number, depending on the convention).

Eurofurence upgraded to plastic cards several years back, and those are fully printed in advance and thus unfortunately offer no more space for customization.

The "Fursuit badges" are additional badges (not replacing the official EF badge) which you can get from the fursuit team (in advance, first one is free :) and which have a place for a photo of your fursuit.

Title: Re: Badges
Post by: Thoxik on 08.03.2011, 00:16:26
Thanks for all the info ^^
Must say though, I draw/paint myself hehe :P
And yeah.. The misunderstanding was probably because the info I've been reading was from smaller cons.