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Title: April Fools :)
Post by: Cheetah on 01.04.2011, 02:09:47
We wanted to tell you about an exciting new development. Due to the success of ConFuzzled in the UK and EuroFurence in Germany, the directors of both organisations have agreed that it would be in the interests of development of social activities for furs to amalgamate into one pan-European organisation – EuroFuzzled!

EuroFurence is the most successful furry convention in Europe, with over 1,000 attendees attending in what is now its 17th year. ConFuzzled is the most successful furry convention in the UK, with over 450 confirmed attendees in its fourth year.

Running a convention involves a lot of logistics and expertise, as well as time and commitment. In order to reduce costs and overlap, it is in the interests of both conventions to pool resources together. For example, it is inefficient for art show stands to be left idling in one convention’s storage space whilst the other convention is running and is in need of this sort of equipment. Or what is the point of having a convention badge printer for each convention when badges for both conventions’ attendees can be printed on the one machine? In addition, by using just the one registration system across both conventions, it means you will only need to register your common details (e.g. name, address) once. This means the time taken for you to register will be reduced!

So what will this mean? ConFuzzled will be known as EuroFuzzled – UK, and EuroFurence will change its name to EuroFuzzled – DE. You will undoubtedly already have noticed various changes around the website. However, there will be no changes to either EuroFuzzled – UK or EuroFuzzled – DE to you. No events scheduled will be changed, no changes will be made to the venue, or to what you’ve already registered and paid for. We will transfer your registrations automatically from the EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE registration systems into the combined system.

It is also important to stress that there will be no changes to how the conventions are run, until after EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE have taken place in 2011. Matt Lion will remain chairman of EuroFuzzled – UK and Cheetah will remain chairman of EuroFuzzled – DE.

We’re pleased with the way both EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE have grown over the last few years. It is only down to your support that we are able to continue offering great conventions. Thank you.

-All staff at both EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE

(P.S.: Watch our new joint homepage ( for updates soon. It's still a bit provisorical, but we'll make sure everything will be new, nice and shiny in a few days.)
Title: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: Gyroplast on 01.04.2011, 13:50:45
This merger was obviously rather suddenly decided, but I wholeheartedly accept our new overlords!  ;D This is an exciting chance to further broaden and extent the european furry convention scene, in my opinion, and I'm curious how things will turn out!

Like Cheetah announced, this year's EuroFuzzled -UK and -DE will basically stay unchanged... for the guests. However, I need to announce my resignment as Head of Security and Dealers' Den manager, for personal reasons and an ever-increasing lack of time. Alpha_Ki will take over the Dealers' Den, who's been helping me a great deal during the last year already, and Dhary will take over as Head of Security, with Codewolf from former ConFuzzled fame as second in command. Don't be looking for me this year. I might help out again in the future on EuroFuzzled, but that's entirely unsure at the moment, sorry.

Dhary, Codewolf and me already talked this over, and we feel this is a solution that should not put much at risk and keep our conventions as professional as ever!

Dhary's involvement in the stage team will, of course, have to cease in light of this new development. This has been discussed with the Stage Lead recently, and neither the Pawpet show, nor any other stage events will be adverserly affected. At least now we have a reason for all those wacky delays!  ;)

See you all later, and have a great time on EuroFuzzled!
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: Cheetah on 01.04.2011, 14:18:22
(Sorry had to split this off the announcement thread, because it breaks the news box on the classic homepage :) )
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: draconigen on 01.04.2011, 14:51:49
I watched the internal discussion about your resignation plans with growing displeasure, and last thing left to say is, once again and now officially, the entire security team will miss you. It was a joy working with you, hopefully you will now find the time to have a beer with your ol' mates. Good bye, Gyro.*sniffs* :<
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: JonathanO on 01.04.2011, 17:32:06
i thing the merger is a april fools joke its to sudden
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: Barney on 01.04.2011, 20:18:01
April fools!
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: Tseatah on 01.04.2011, 23:32:13
April fools!

Y'don't say?  ;)
Title: Re: ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
Post by: Riffuchs on 02.04.2011, 12:36:29
I had to laugh hard after having a look at the timestamp of the post. But... hey, not that cheetah would give up the name Eurofurence in 1000 years :)
Title: Re: April Fools :)
Post by: Cheetah on 02.04.2011, 14:58:57
Okay, so I guess everyone has got the message that this was an April Fools joke by now :) Thanks a lot to everyone who actually fell for it. I wouldn't have dreamed that anybody would actually believe this. To those who did: You made my day :)

And also big thanks to the Confuzzled team, who came up with this little prank :) I'll just reciprocate what Tungro said:

We’re glad we have such a good relationship with the Confuzzled team and that they let us join in on the April Fools joke by redirecting our website to their announcement. Thanks guys!

So don’t forget that Eurofurence registration is still open – register now for the largest furry convention in Europe!

Plus ConFuzzled is still open for Attending Only registrations i.e. without staying overnight at the convention hotel.

Hope you all had a good laugh about this and the other wonderful April Fools jokes around!
Title: Re: April Fools :)
Post by: Skie on 03.04.2011, 08:40:37
Oh I completely missed that, I wonder how the merger website looked.
I was sick and completely missed April 1st :)