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Title: policy on filming PawPetShow?
Post by: Suran on 04.07.2011, 15:52:09
As the official DVDs of many of the last years are not done yet
(yes there is progress and I really hope to see them one day)
and the answer has always been to record it yourself if you want
a recording.
What's the policy on doing that and on making the recording public?
Obviously you should never block someone elses view and have no
bright display glowing on the camera or otherwise inconvenience
any other visitor.
Anything else?
I'm thinking of a small camera with display closed and a fast lens
on a tripod somewhere out of the way for a long shot+audio happily
recording away and another small one with no large accessories and
a display viewfinder+ monopod for closeups in front of my head
(where it does not interfere with people sitting behind me).

(I simply don't want o go through the hassle of preparing a small camera
with enough batteries and everything just to have to bring it back
to the room uppon seating.)
Title: Re: policy on filming PawPetShow?
Post by: Suran on 04.07.2011, 15:54:54
Sorry, I just found a similar thread in the general forum.,3025.0.html
It has already been answered.