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Title: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Miles T.F. Baxxter on 10.08.2011, 12:39:02
Never been to Magdeburg before and I don't know too much about it, but am hoping to be able experience a bit of the city and not just the convention. (Though it'll probably mostly be the convention.)

So I was wondering...

● Are there any sights worth seeing?

● Any good shops, shopping districts or malls one should visit?

● And any good restaurants / eateries (which aren't too expensive) worth eating at?

Any advice and recommendations would be great, and much appreciated! And I guess it would be good if these places weren't too far from the hotel, but it's always possible to get a cab or do a bit of walking.

(Not sure if this is the right subforum to post in or not, so any admins feel free to move it to the appropriate one if it isn't.)
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Pinky on 10.08.2011, 13:25:28
Oh hi Miles, nice to see that you're coming to EF this year.  :)

I'm afraid I haven't been much around town myself (simply haven't had the time) but I know there are some historical sights and right across the street from the hotel there is a big shopping mall with a big supermarket in it. And there are lots of restaurants nearby including Asian and Eastern European. Down by the station which is only a few minutes walk away there is also fast food and a cake place. The conbook will have a lot more information on this though.

I hope that helps.
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Raider on 10.08.2011, 22:21:07
To the right side of the hotel (about 20 meters) is a nice restaurant with an affordable and tasty breakfast/lunch offer. They carry excellent milkshakes, too. You got 10% discount for showing your badge.
To the left at the top of some stairs is a very nice cocktail bar. No discounts there, but they're not overpriced and not watered down. Some way further down the left side is a sushi place. The foods tastes good, but it's somewhat pricy in comparison and we needed to wait quite a bit considering the restaurant was almost empty.
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Fineas on 11.08.2011, 10:41:30
If you like nicely priced fresh sandwich with a lot of choice.

Head in to the shopping mall in front of the hotel, take a left in to the first corridor and walk all the way till you are at the glass doors facing the train station.
At your right is a bakery that sells them, has tables and sells drinks too.
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Gyroplast on 11.08.2011, 11:45:03
Keep in mind that most, if not all, suggestions for restaurants, snackbars and especially their discount offers in this thread descibe last year's status.

Mystifur already noticed when composing this year's flyer that some of last year's ventures actually went out of business! Nevertheless there still will be restaurants offering discounts, and there are also some interesting sightseeing spots around the hotel, like the "Hundertwasserhaus". Like last year, there'll be a comprehensive flyer in your conbook showing you various places of interest, and where you can get discount by showing your badge.

Therefore, if you're the spontaneous type, I'd simply grab the flyer when you arrive and see what strikes your fancy! There's more than enough furs around who'll likely allow you to use their laptop and internet connection, too, if you'd like some extra info on-site.
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Onkel Kage on 11.08.2011, 14:46:18
The castle from which the city takes its name is only a short walk away, and the architecture around it is quite beautiful.  There is a nice walk along the banks of the Elbe, too.
Title: Re: Tell me about the joys of Magdeburg!
Post by: Atalon on 15.08.2011, 11:02:04

Unfortuneatly Magdeburg is one of the not very nice staate capitol.

Here some points i found worth to see.

1. The "Dom" (Church)
2. The Hundertwasser House - 3 min walk.
3. The Waterfront at the "Elbe River" - worth to take a trip on the white boats.
4. Opposite the river some nice Villas to see.
5. The Marieninsel.

If you have access to a car the sourounding offers a bit more.

up an down the river  in the north is a big ship lifting factility
down a nice riverside with nature life - Biosphärenreservat mittlere Elbe
Further the Kyfhäuser Hills
Really worth to go are the "Harz Mountains" if you there ask at the Restaurant "Torfhaus" for Windbeutel with Ice an Cherries (Opposite the Brocken).