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Title: Final Dealers' Den Plan!
Post by: Gyroplast on 12.08.2011, 12:16:17

As far as I can tell, all dealers seem comfortable with this year's Dealers' Den plans, so I suppose it's about time to finalize and release them to you!
Thanks go to Alpha_Ki for the wonderfully themed plan, which you'll find hanging at the Dens' doors this year, and to those dealers who release some or all of their table space for others to claim. You know who you are, and without that spirit, this wouldn't have worked out so nicely. There's only one, sad fellow sitting on the waiting list.

Yes, we increased our capacity by almost 50%, and there's STILL someone on the waiting list. It seems we exceeded this hotel's capacity, too! ;D

Last year we had 41.5 table of 1.8m by 0.9m, this year we've got 61 tables with furry merchandise waiting for you, but slightly less cramped than last year.

See you on EF!

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