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Title: Hi Folk`s
Post by: BloodPath/Duke on 23.08.2011, 17:15:37
Hi i am BloodPath my friend`s gave me the nick Duke so also i am often named Duke ;)

Was a nice Ef this year so i decide to sing in here.

I am 29 and reach the magic 30 this year.

Who wanna know something about my hobby`s and interests just ask.

My Fursona is a wrecked Wolf, this year my suit wasn`t so good but it was my first and i build it totally by my selfe.

Something about me : I am Soldier at german Airforce and a tec. my rank is Oberfeldwebel thats similar to Tec.Sergant
                                 and controle the tecs witch repair the good old Huey UH-1D

Languages i speak : English, German, and a bit Nippon ;)

Excuse my bad writing but English is not my mother tounge.
Yes i am German ...... ok precisely i am Bavarian ;)

So ce ya
Title: Re: Hi Folk`s
Post by: Kamuniak on 28.08.2011, 23:28:52
*waves the wing* welcome! :)