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Title: Another sharing table question
Post by: Kotenokgaff on 14.05.2012, 10:00:34
Hello guys!

Since I am not attending this year again :((((( I will be represented by Kisu who kindly agreed to be my agent again.

He will bring my paintings to the art show. But I also want to sell some of my prints.. which are all A4 and in a folder with files like this (

So it would not take much place in opened view on table..
The prices for prints is 1€ each, so you will not need to count different prices and waist your time..

The only thing you will need is put folder on table and collect money ( if there will be people who will want to buy my prints ^^) and then gave it to Kisu with the rest of prints left after dealer den closed.

In reply i can offer you my prints or maybe a badge? or something..

Really wait for kind reply ^^ thanks!