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Title: Greeting from the Ringberg
Post by: skyhoof on 19.05.2012, 14:41:55
Hello everybody!

Greetings from the Ringberg Hotel in Suhl.
Me and my wife have just checked in for one night...

The whole ringberg team misses Eurofurence a lot!
They enjoied EF13-15 so much that they asked me to sent greetings  and best wishes urgently to the furry fandom :)

Furrys are allways wellcome here.

Maybe i'll post some pictures tomorrow.
Now i've to go to the bar and visit André, the hairless master of alcohol.
Title: Re: Greeting from the Ringberg
Post by: Whitefang on 20.05.2012, 09:56:33
Thank you and send our greetings to the whole Ringberg team too. As Cheetah said in the "Goodbye Ringberg" movie, if we could, we would return there.
Title: Re: Greeting from the Ringberg
Post by: Onkel Kage on 21.05.2012, 17:29:17
While all of Eurofurence cannot return, we can at least give them a little reminder that Furries still love them.  Remember, there is a group that will be heading down to the Ringberg the day after Eurofurence (Monday, September 3).  We will have a nice dinner and then spend one more night at the Ringberg.

If you'd like to join, please read the announcement located here (,3537.0.html) and then let us know if you are coming.

I can confirm that both myself and 2 the Ranting Gryphon will be in attendance.  And if you join us, we will let you buy us booze!