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Title: Eat poop you cat!
Post by: Itchigo Icetalons on 07.06.2012, 15:08:07
Wait, wait... Wat?!?

Was the first thing I thought on first hearing the title.

It is a game, and a fun one at that. I am trying to see if there is enough interest to run one as a panel at EF.

Everybody starts out with a phrase on a piece of paper which they need to draw out. They then cover the phrase and give the paper to somebody else who needs to write down what they see on a new paper for another person to draw again. This goes on untill the image and phrase are so distorted and different that theyhave nothing in common with the original.

Vampire hunter in the park can turn into Cowboy fishing at the lake with a harpoon.

Artistic talent is NOT required, it's way more fun that way!

I thank you all for your time!
Title: Re: Eat poop you cat!
Post by: Yamavu on 25.08.2015, 17:15:22
We played a variation of this game in the Artist's Lounge. Not the real EPYC mainly because it's really hard to keep the phrases and images orderly.

We had people draw eyes and the next in turn draws a character around and a new set of eyes, it's way easier and shorter. Everyone's busy at EF and attention spans are supershort.
Title: Re: Eat poop you cat!
Post by: Itchigo Icetalons on 27.08.2015, 11:32:37
This has always been a popular game for the years that I have run it, with at least 15 people attending. Sadly, due to my own time restrictions I couldn't host one this year.

With that said, if my team can aquire more staff so my schedule opens up, I could try one again, with a possible new twist...