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Title: Enter The Arena - The Fursuit Dance Contest wants YOU!
Post by: BigBlueFox on 29.06.2012, 19:23:20
So you think you can dance? Do you want to participate in Eurofurence’s fursuit dance contest? Then this is for you!

Eurofurence / Enter the Arena are looking for fursuiters who want to show off their dancing skills!

Due to popular demand, we’re going to split the contest into two parts: The individual performances, and the dance-offs, an unrehearsed act between two dancers that requires your creativity and spontaneousness.

If you like to participate, please send an eMail to us! You can find the email adress on the bottom of this post, after the detailed informations on how things work and what has changed. Please read that, too!

Since time and stage slots are limited, dance contests of this kind worldwide only let in a limited number of dancers, and we have to do the same. As a result, if the number of applications exceeds a certain limit, there will be a selection process.
However, due to time limitations, we are not going to have a preliminal round at the convention. Instead, we’re going to install an independent jury, which is NOT part of the actual show, to vote for you. And in order to have them do it, we need a dance video from you!
Please include a YouTube link or an URL in your application that points to a video that represents your dancing skills!

Rehearsal: Since people didn’t really seem to need them, and stage slots are scarce, please understand that this year, we won’t offer rehearsals again. Not a big loss considering how nobody really needed them last year. :)

Judging: Like last year, every dancer receives up to 10 points for his / her performance. However, we don’t give them out right away - the points will be listed after the actual dance has ended, to determine those who will enter the dance off. 

Dance-Offs: Fate, or the dice, will decide on this: The best dancers will be grouped into pairs by random, every pair gets to do one dance-off. The points they’ve earned will be added to the score - Alea jacta est.

Group performances - Everyone loves them, because they’re awesome. However, at recent furry cons, there have been complaints about group performances having a big advantage over single dancers, and it is true. We, however, want everyone to give an equal chance to win, so unfortunately  we have to draw a line there.

We really welcome group performances, but please understand that we can no longer judge them. We want to treat everyone fair and equal, so we’d like to focus on individual performances this year. If you and your friends want to do an unjudged group performance, you are still welcome to have a judged single performance!

If you’re in for a great show, if you love to dance, please send an email to bigbluefox @ gmail . com and please, include a link to a dance video. Enter The Arena is looking forward to showcast you!
Title: Re: Enter The Arena - The Fursuit Dance Contest wants YOU!
Post by: BigBlueFox on 05.08.2012, 21:00:57
Ladies and Gentlemen,

the application round for this year's dance competition is now closed!

We're hoping to see you at Eurofurence! :D