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Title: The video on the screen during the dances
Post by: James The Dog on 03.09.2012, 13:36:52
One of the things I liked about the dances last year was seeing all the stuff that was being shown on the big screens. I thoughts all the furry animations they showed were great, and I just thought the whole presentation on the big screens was well done anyway, mixing between the cartoons and footage of the dancefloor. I actually sat watching it for a while after I got too hot and tired to dance any more.

I have to say though that I was quite disapointed in it this year- most of what was shown just seemed to be rather generic lines, colours and shapes, and I only saw a handful of the furry animations from last year (I was at the first 3 hours of both the fursuit friendly and Big Blue dances- I guess more might have been shown later), and I don't think you showed any footage from the dancefloor at all. I was a bit disapointed really, as I thought all the furry animations that appeared on screen livened up the dance, and also helped distinguish the EF dances. I hope we get to see more of them again next year.