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Title: Art Show list
Post by: yotie on 04.09.2012, 12:38:32
Hello! i was wonderting iif theres any list of all the titles and artists exposed in the art show?
There was some very nie stuff in the art show! and id love to know the artist names to find again on FA or other galleries, all i remember is the title of the drawings  but totally forgot to wite down the artist names/exact spelling

thanks a lot!

EF was a blast for  me : )
Title: Re: Art Show list
Post by: Cairyn on 04.09.2012, 16:26:57
Well, as a start, you can use the artist panel list from the con book on page XXXVII. This list is not quite accurate since there were cancellations / reassignments of panels after the con book went to print, and some artists chose to display their art under a different pseudonym, but it should provide a starting point!

A list of pieces on display is unfortunately not publicly available.