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Title: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Cairyn on 17.09.2012, 22:10:16
All images shown with permission of the owners or their agents.
And yes, they all look better in the Art Show than online  ;D

Chairman's Choice (Cheetah): "Fox Freeze" by Faolin

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There are so many talented artists, and so many excellent pictures in the artshow, it's always hard to single out just one as the "best of the best". But furry art also tends to be a rather predictable genre. So when I go through the art at Eurofurence to give out my award, I am usually looking for pieces that stick out from the masses. "Fox Freeze" by Faolin / Canine Mind immediately caught my attention because of its unusual dynamics, framing and pose. It's a charming expression of vitality that dares to avoid the stereotypical sure-fire sign stimuli of furry art. It's a piece of art that stands its ground without a cute face as its centerpiece, and there is no more better showcase for the beauty of anthropomorphism than a body in motion - or in this case, suspended motion.

Guest of Honor's Choice (Peter S. Beagle): "And Hell Followed With Him" by Kaji

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Now this is what I call a demon. Too many demon images follow a pattern, create something that is ultimately not horrific but of an almost familiar quality - humanoid with wings, fangs, and some claws; creatures that we can relate to. This decaying horse here is something else: apocalyptic, fitting the quote of its title: inhuman, overpowering in its size, hinting at hell's fire beneath the corpse flesh. Rising from the abyss, it is fit to give you nightmares.
(Transcript of the statement freely from memory by Cairyn)

Art Show Manager's Choice (Cairyn): "I Will Protect You" by Nimrais

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The "Looking at you" pose is almost a cliché in furry images, but in general this breach of the fourth wall is a look of desire, come hither, in a very different genre. This image turns the trope around and casts the viewer in the role of the attacker, stopped dead in his tracks by those golden, determined eyes. The warrior does not need a snarl to deter the threat. Not only the technical skill makes this image attractive - the diffuse light in the background, the tiny droplets on the whiskers, the white spray of rain creating a border between the characters and their unseen surroundings, the limited tonal palette, the subtle breaches of symmetry -, but also the story it tells - in the old scars, the hint of dented armor, the intimate yet unexplained relationship of the characters, and the final mystery of the cat's charge whom we know only as wet tangled hair, remaining shrouded, leaving us to guess species and gender. Expression and gesture just hit the spot in this exceptional piece.

Art Show Manager's Choice (Blue_Panther): "Megera" by RustyH (belo4ka and Hotty)

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Although Greek rather than Roman myth, this is a fascinating drawing. The "Evil Eye", an important theme in both Roman and Greek belief, seems to step out of the image to become reality. Looking at the exhibit, you turn to stone: either bewitched of the motif, or awestruck by the extremely patient and careful pencil lines.

Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: VulpesRex on 18.09.2012, 00:40:59
   I swear I must be going mental...because I don't remember seeing any of those illustrations.  I would remember "Protect You", and Peter Beagle's choice.

   I  wonder if other people also look at art, yet not see it?
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Tekumseh on 18.09.2012, 01:59:55
Don't worry, kind sir, you're not alone. Sometimes I ask myself during the auction "why don't I remember this beautiful piece?" Walking through the artshow usually is quite impressive. Different styles, sizes, grades of detail, themes... all together mix up to a potpourri of impressions amidst which it is sometimes hard to remember a single piece. For excample Kaji's demon: I know I've seen it... but can't remember details... I was far more captivated by his two pictures next to it (the back-lit fighting scenes)... others I can't remember at all - it's a kind of sensorial overload.
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Nimrais on 18.09.2012, 08:58:08
I just wanted to say thanks for the award. It's the first one I've got and I feel very honored that one of my pictures was chosen. This means a lot to me :) *bows*
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Faolin on 18.09.2012, 15:02:52
I'd like to join Nim: Thank you very much indeed!
This has been my first art show ever and I'm still feeling very honored and super happy about the surprising award. :)
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Drift on 19.09.2012, 16:13:10
@vulpesrex: same here. I took my time in the Art show, but I can not remember seeing any of those pics...
Glad that I can enjoy watching them here and now :)
Congrats to the winners!
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: Henrieke on 20.09.2012, 10:54:31
Congratulations to the winners for creating beautiful art! :)
Title: Re: EF 18 Art Show Award Winners - Here they Are!
Post by: silverfoxwolf on 20.09.2012, 19:30:51
I certainly saw the awards by the items when I collected my unsold things.