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Title: I'm Leor
Post by: Leor on 15.11.2012, 02:00:54
Hello everyone, Im subscribed on this forum for about 2 months but I didn't know this have a Introductions section x3

Im a young adult from Portugal, Im 19 years old, i did the 12th grade studying electronic and I get what I need helping my dad in his work, I learn to manage with 3D digital art, video editing, music editing, drawing, etc. Im a visionary, always have those futuristic ideas, I think details ar not important so....... yay  :P

My fursona is a leopard with cougar tail (is how people draw my fursona, don't ask me why lol), have black clothes with a red sash on my waist and technically is that o.o

Well that is me!... Thank you for your time ^^
Title: Re: I'm Leor
Post by: silverfoxwolf on 30.11.2012, 21:36:06
Welcome aboard! I will hide all the cat nip :)
Title: Re: I'm Leor
Post by: Blackymoon on 01.12.2012, 13:39:11
Hehe, welcome aboard from this otter here too :)