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Title: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: MrEvers on 19.12.2012, 11:08:41
This might have been suggested before, so shoot it down if it has...
While some bring their laptop or tablet to Eurofurence, many of us do not, or don't even own one. I suggest a room with a dozen or so free for use desktops, intended for checking e-mails, etc.
This would also help the problem of slow wi-fi.
At evenings/nights this could become a second game room for LAN-parties (where people who do have laptops can join in). Maybe host a different game each night (minecraft, shooters,...)
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Schakaline on 19.12.2012, 17:35:16
We had that at EF8. It was abolished because nobody used it. :D

(and in these enlightened days of BYOD, I see very little use for such a thing, really... since, you said it, everyone has their own laptop these days, and those who don't bring their own can just ask someone else if they're -that- desperate to check their e-mail.)
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Alpha_Ki on 20.12.2012, 07:45:51
Me for myself goes to a convention to have some time off from the internet. But that just me. ;)

I can't imagine that anyone would give their private computer for that. There are enough geeks out there who can surround a password to have a peek in the private stuff that's on it?
And I bet Eurofurence doesn't has the budget to buy computers just for that purpose. And where to store them during the rest of the year.
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Ragear on 20.12.2012, 13:02:15

I am generally handicapped when it comes to komputers (too old  ;))the number of smartphones is ever increasing. If you need access, get yourself a cheap used laptop or smartphone and rig it with a german prepaid SIMcard, afaik there's a thread about this around here, too. If you already have one and would like to stay accessible under your regular phone number: there are bluetooth-based dual SIMcard adaptors available that allow you to use 2 SIM on one phone. AFAIk the Maritim sports a business office at whatever price. Last resort: check the environment of the hotel for internet caf├ęs.
I concur with Alpha_ki: the burden of obtaining, updating, maintaining, storing and hauling around of a Komputer network shouldn't be put on the meager shoulders of these hardpartying furs, too ...

Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: skyhoof on 15.01.2013, 14:27:42
The first thing that came to my mind, when i read this topic was a room, which became useless for 99,9% of the con attendees, because a handfull second-life-nerds sieged it all the time.  ;D
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Taggy on 15.01.2013, 15:49:49
Why should I go to Secondlife wen I am on the Con?  m(
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Tsanawo on 15.01.2013, 16:09:37
Who knows? Maybe you find it more interesting then the con.
Stranger things have happened and I do believe there are people who use Second Life during a convention.
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Kisu on 15.01.2013, 16:35:39
I dont understand online/internet games on conventions.. you spend hundreds of euros/dollars etc, spend your vacation days for it, plan many things beforehand and prepare for extreme party, fun and festivol, probably travel thousand or more kilometers to con site and then you just go in corner there and play game that you could/or have played for multiple years at home :)
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Taggy on 16.01.2013, 11:01:06
Completaly true Kisu.  ;)
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: EchoesAbove on 16.01.2013, 15:40:46
I personally believe this idea is not completely necessary. Those people who need to be avaiable via Internet (eg. mails about important stuff), will most likely have brought a device with them. Also you get to meet enough people, and I guess most Germans will have Internet on their mobile phones :)
Title: Re: Suggestion: computer room
Post by: Cheetah on 16.01.2013, 22:11:05
I agree with everybody else here ... in the age of mobile internet, a computer room would be like bringing a dinosaur back to live. I think we can close this case :)