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Title: New furry in sweden :D
Post by: Wolfy-san on 09.01.2013, 19:20:10
uhmm hi everyone :D i'm a straight male wolf from sweden, my name is Cristian but friends call me wolfy-san or Cloud and im new here... ehmm i'm 19yo... i used to play the drums in a band then i had to sell it :C well i'm a bit shy and don't know any furry (don't actually have much friends cus i moved to Enköping recently) i like almost all kind of music, i love drawing (im not good tho xd), watch anime, write songs and make all kind of costumes hehe i've just made my first fursuit even if its nor perfect is something xD.
   hummm i speak spanish and english fluently and now im studing swedish (im swedish but i was born in chile).... oh yes my fursona, my fursona is a grey wolf with military shorts and a black fur line from the top of the head to the tail :3.
  i can't go to EF19 but i hope i go next year....

i know i had some mistakes in my english cus im a little nervous... i hope i get to meet a lot of cool people here   :DD
any questions just feel free to ask :3
Thanks for reading (i know it was tooo much hahaha)

Cya guys *waves his tail*
Title: Re: New furry in sweden :D
Post by: silverfoxwolf on 12.01.2013, 13:28:40
Wuffles and welcome aboard :)
Title: Re: New furry in sweden :D
Post by: Nienna87 on 11.08.2013, 12:31:46
welcome hope you have a great time
Title: Re: New furry in sweden :D
Post by: KyuubiSaoirse on 27.10.2013, 22:33:16
ooh, another scandinavian fur ^^ welcome!