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Title: Overstaffing Rooms (Triple Rooms)
Post by: Loewi on 22.01.2013, 20:56:44
Room Overstaffing - Triple Rooms without extra beds.

As you all might know from our earlier Tweets, we will open up for Triple rooms since our contingent of hotel rooms is nearly fully booked out while there are many people waiting for a spot.  We've talked to the  Maritim Hotel management, and they have now officially allowed us to overstaff an extra number of rooms. That means three attendees are allowed to share a double room, but the hotel can't supply an extra bed. The third person either has to share a bed with a friend, or bring their own air matress and their own bedsheets.

How to book:

This option does not actually free up extra rooms. It just opens up possible spaces in already booked rooms. That means, if you want to book this options, you have to find two other attendees who already have a double room who want to share their room with you. If you don't know anybody, feel free to post in our room sharing forum:


Overstaffed rooms are 155€ per person for a standard room, or 190€ for a superior room. The two persons upgrading their room to a triple room will receive an appropriate refund. So it gets cheaper for everyone!

You will not be able to book this options through the registration system. If you haven't registered yet, please register as "shared double room" and write an email to telling us who you've agreed to share a room with. We need everyones Nicknames AND Registration numbers. If you are on the waiting list, mail us right away.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at EF19!