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Title: Is the overflow hotel more expensive?
Post by: Cheetah on 05.02.2013, 13:55:49
Hi everyone!

There's this meme-like rumour going around that the overflow hotel is significantly more expensive than the Maritim hotel. And what kinda bugs me a little is that apparently people just virally spread this nonsense around without actually checking the facts. So, let's do a littly reality check, shall we?

Price for double room / per person

BreakfastEarlyLateOverflowMaritim (Std)Maritim (Sup)
NNN-170 €210 €
NYN-225 €275 €
NYY-280 €340 €
YNN200 €242 €282 €
YYN250 €315 €365 €
YYY300 €388 €448 €

The only slight "disadvantage" the IC hotel has is that you can't book a room without breakfast. But even then, compared to a "superior" class room at the Maritim, the IC hotel always wins. And even when compared to the cheapest non-breakfast option at the Maritim, you have to admit that the added cost for the "mandatory" breakfast is in a very competetive range of €3-€7 per day, and I dare you to find breakfast for less than that anywhere else, let a lone a full-featured buffet. Unless you were planning to never eat in the mornings, you're actually making a bargain. And even if you did, the WORST CASE difference is €30 for the entire duration. Oh, and did I mention you also get a free ticket for ALL public transportation in Magdeburg that's worth about €15 on its own?

Really, if the fact that you can't unbook breakfast at the IC hotel breaks or makes the con for you, I wonder what you were planning to live off during those 4 crazy days in the first place :)

So, don't sit there and keep rotting on the waiting list for a room. Book a space at the IC hotel, as long as supply lasts. Right now the IC hotel doesn't seem to be in danger of filling up just yet, but we still have 6 months to go. More than 180 attendees have already opted for accomodation outside the Maritim, and the number is rising.  Don't end up hating yourself because you didn't get an overflow space while they were still available :)

Title: Re: Is the overflow hotel more expensive?
Post by: Cheetah on 05.02.2013, 14:16:50
Just a little addition: This assumes you're using the special Eurofurence rate. See our announcement (,4287.0.html) for details on how to get it.
Title: Re: Is the overflow hotel more expensive?
Post by: krakendwaggin on 06.02.2013, 10:00:06
If I can chirp in, as someone who has booked a -Suite- at the Intercity Hotel, the total cost for me and my mate was €570 from the Tuesday To Sunday, that works out to about €285 each, yes I know that rate is about €20 overall more expensive than we would've paid for a superior room at the Maritim with Early Arrival but this has the added bonus of including -breakfast-, I don't see how people are whining about it 'being more expensive' than the Maritim (whose breakfast if memory serves is a eye watering €17 each per day), yeah I'm saddened I don't get to be at that hotel this year because it's a lovely hotel but for the sake of a few minutes extra walk each day We've still got a hotel nearby that also includes breakfast at a very reasonable rate.

Either way I'm excited to be going to Eurofurence this year, as we all should really!

Just for clarification, I booked the room through the Intercity Hotel's website, yes they do offer a early bird rate but you have to pay in advance.
Title: Re: Is the overflow hotel more expensive?
Post by: Miles T.F. Baxxter on 06.02.2013, 14:30:55
A quick, slightly trivial question: anyone know when breakfast is served at the Intercity Hotel? Just curious whether or not I'll actually be awake to enjoy this benefit.
Title: Re: Is the overflow hotel more expensive?
Post by: Ragear on 06.02.2013, 19:53:28
weekdays 06:00 - 10:00, Sat/ Sun 07:00 - 11:00, were the times last year.