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Title: Shameless plug for KekPafrany
Post by: Ralesk on 11.05.2013, 20:09:10
I'm not entirely sure if this is the right General Discussion, as it sort-of relates to EF, and sort of is even more general, so if moderation feels like it's in the wrong one, feel free to move it.

So, my old friend and an co-admin and meet organiser at (, KekPafrany, is thinking about having us (the bunch of us that will actually come to EF) stand in for her and sell some prints for her.  She made a journal entry on DeviantArt where she explained it a bit more and listed some of her work, so if you could take a look, that would be pretty sweet:

And even better if you leave some comments for her so she knows which ones you guys would like to buy :)

Thanks :)