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Title: Eating Out at EF19
Post by: Schakaline on 13.07.2013, 16:25:24
So rather than spamming the board with one thread for each opportunity, let's keep things to one thread, shall we? (Yeah, as if that is ever going to work...  ::))

So let's start...

Sushi Moon, Hasselbachplatz, THURSDAY 22 AUGUST, 17:00

Since Tungro isn't attending EF this year (boo, hiss!) I'll take over organising the sushi run this year.

They're doing themed all-you-can-eat sushi buffets each Thursday, the price is € 15.90 p.p including as much sushi and warm food as you like, excluding drinks.

We'll meet at 16:45 outside the hotel.

The theme for August 22 is: Rose fish!

The restaurant is located at Breiter Weg 255, roughly a 7-10 minute walk (or two tram stops, if you're lazy) from the Maritim Hotel. Restaurant information can be found here (

I've put in a preliminary reservation for 10-12 people for now; the place doesn't fit more than 20 people though if my memory serves me right, so attendance is limited - please RSVP in this thread or by PM until August 15.