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Title: Open Staff Positions, Volunteers Needed
Post by: Cheetah on 26.07.2007, 22:36:33
Wanted:  Temporary Security Guards for EF13 Artshow and Dealers Den


Job description: Door guard at entrance to Dealers Den and Artshow rooms. Shifts of one or more hours at your choice, once or serveral times during the convention. Checking of visitors who are entering and leaving the show rooms. Enforcement of rules (e.g. no cams, np phones, no art being taken out)

Requirements: Friendliness, good english language skills, ability to assert oneself, ability to follow written guidelines. No weasels please!

You can sign up for this possition any time up front or during the convention by contacting any member of the security team or staff. We reserve the right to refuse applicants by internal criteria. But beware! By signing up for this possition and doing your job well, you are taking the risk of being invited to join the security team for EF14 :) Remember: No weasels please!

Thanks for considering :-)


Title: Re: Open Staff Positions, Volunteers Needed
Post by: Mystifur on 26.08.2007, 03:17:16
Wanted: A/V assistent coordinator for Fursuit Show


Job description: Your job is to handle the media files that are going to be played during the various fursuit performances, thus helping the Light and Sound engineers to work in sync with the performers on stage. You will have to be present during the rehearsal and the actual show.

Requirements: Technical comprehension on using CD players, winamp and general handling of files required. Furs with experience in DJing or broadcasting preferred, but not mandatory. Briefing on the A/V machine will be held by Cheetah on site.

If you're interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,