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Title: Horses/Ponies/donkeys/zebras-friends of
Post by: EquusNaughty on 26.01.2014, 20:14:18
Guten Tag all of my furry friends and you, that I have not met yet,

   I was just wondering, how many of us furrys here are fans of/have/work with, horses/ponies/donkeys/zebras? As you can guess, my fursona is that of an equine nature.

        I'll add more to this discussion, as I think of it, for now, I just wanted to see what kind of a response I would get?
Title: Re: Horses/Ponies/donkeys/zebras-friends of
Post by: Schorse on 27.01.2014, 20:32:23
Hello there.
Well, I love equines when they're inflatable. ;)