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Title: typical convention schedule
Post by: Rick2Tails on 09.02.2014, 23:08:33
hello! I just registered for my first EF (supersponsor) and was curious about many things.But I will just ask a few questions.I see the convention is listed as Wednesday through Sunday? What programing is typical on which days? I know in the many american conventions the main convention is friday through sunday  with badge pick up on thursday  and not much else going on.  Is there any dealers room ,or art show or convention programing Wed or Thursday?
 My second main question is language.As far as I understand  even though EF is held in Germany most things are in English? I  only know English at this time and  while I would love to  learn it.I`m doubtful I will  in time for the con.I just want to know how difficult or easy it will be to find everything.
 Thank you in advance and I highly look forward to my first trip to EF and Germany this fall.
Title: Re: typical convention schedule
Post by: Ragear on 09.02.2014, 23:18:39
Hi Rick2tails,
maybe you can check out con shedule from previous EFs like The venue is all new, so there might be changes. The timetable will only be published a couple days before EF to accomodate all changes, and is hung out in print somewhere central in the hotel. Sunday there's not much to do any more, but don't forget to check out Berlin a bit along with the con.
You'll be just fine with english, if not there'll be someone around to help you.

Title: Re: typical convention schedule
Post by: Wotan on 09.02.2014, 23:52:12
Well i at least you speak english! Hahahaha all the events are in english i think as I read in all places :) There be more problem for people that only speak a bit english ( i know the public schools in Spain are not the best teaching english >.<) But well, i think, i can defend myself and my 2 others friend xD :D
Title: Re: typical convention schedule
Post by: LeTigre on 10.02.2014, 19:33:51
Oh that's easy:

Wednesday: Fun
Thursday: slightly more Fun
Friday: even more Fun
Saturday: Maximum Fun
Sunday: Fun and a bit of sadness that the Fun is over soon :P
Title: Re: typical convention schedule
Post by: Rick2Tails on 10.02.2014, 23:37:57
well the fun wont be over for me because i will be visiting friends in the uk for a week after the con as well. But in all seriousness I did want to  try to figure out what differences there are between EF and the American cons I`ve gone to over the past  years   like Anthrocon,Texas Furry Fiesta , Confurence and Further Confusion. Is the reason Sundays programing so sparse and early ending is to give people attending countires more time to get home for monday and presumably work or school?
Title: Re: typical convention schedule
Post by: Zefiro on 11.02.2014, 00:05:22
In Germany it's not common to have cons going on until Monday. Let's put it bluntly: after the BigBlueDance Saturday night* the con is over.
There will still be a lot of folks around on Sunday, and there's some DeadDog event happening in the evening, but basically everything which is Eurofurence - the panels, the stage, the artshow, the den, the decoration - will be gone and disassembled.

*) At least it's "German Night", i.e. can easily be 5am on Sunday.

As for Wednesday, there is the opening ceremony in the evening. Programming is Thursday to Saturday. Staff and way too many other folks will be around starting Tuesday, so even before the con officially opens there will be lots of social gathering and fursuiting.

English is the official language of Eurofurence, so everything will be in English. You can thus also assume that all attendees are good enough in English for communication :)